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​​There’s nothing quite like a pub, tavern or neighborhood  watering hole you can cozy up in.  Why not have the Wandering Pub show up in your backyard for your next surprise  birthday party with a custom pub sign for that special someone?  Set yourself apart from other festivals by having an authentic thatched cottage pub ~ you'll have our traveling pub guide that will lead the way! At Wandering Pub, you'll find that we can help create a unique & memorable experience that even a consummate party goer or adventurer would swoon over.  Plus, we work hard to ensure the environment is protected during our tours, so you'll have peace of mind knowing that our company contributes to our environment's sustainability. Plus OUR Wandering Pub is made in the good ol' USA !



J. R. R. Tolkien

SO, schedule your next party adventure with Wandering Pub today!